2020 Exhibitors

AC Guitars

AC Guitars is a small, one-man shop based in Moffat, South West Scotland; I am the one man. In June 2006, with the first commissioned order arriving from Dave McDonald of Toronto, AC Guitars officially came into being.

Prior to that, I was building instruments for about 2 years, mostly out of boredom. Illness had left me unable to do my usual work, but as I recovered, I had time on my hands. I’d played bass and various other instruments for years, and fostered a real interest in recording and all the equipment it brings with it. So, I decided to build a guitar.

I had several high-end basses so it never entered my head to build a bass. My first attempt was a hollow bodied Telecaster, which provided a steep learning curve and a good deal of swearing. On completion I was fairly pleased; it made a noise, it stayed in tune, and from a distance it looked OK. But my satisfaction only lasted a week before I decided I could do better. Happily, it’s all been downhill from there.


Adamovic Basses

The Adamovic Shop is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, Europe. Here, since 2001, custom tailored basses are handmade, one by one, with the best woods and the best components available. A dedicated team of three luthiers builds around 80 basses per year and they are sold around the world from the US to Japan.

Adamovic is specialized in ergonomics and lightweight basses, 3D shaped to the human body. Our bases are known for their perfect balance and superior playability. They are true work horses, built for the road and the studio being developed with continuous feedback from musicians and sound engineers.

We invite you to stop by our stand and experience the difference!


Ambush Basses

Ambush Basses are the creation of 5 time Grammy nominated bassist and luthier Scott Ambush.

Constructed entirely by Scott in his shop, the basses are crafted with the keen eye of a master bassist toward design, construction, and playability. Utilizing the finest materials, hardware, and electronics, each instrument is built to the highest standards. Known for his versatile, sensitive, lyrical and foundational playing, the same could well be said of his instruments.
“I build basses like like they are being built for me…. because they are”!

Ambush. Bassist’s Bassist….Bassist’s Bass


BackBeat is the wearable, portable rumble pack and practice amp for bassists that turns every low note you play into a vibration you can feel. Designed in Detroit, BackBeat is a wearable subwoofer designed to meet the performance and practice needs of the serious bass player. When you play a string on your bass, BackBeat turns the sound you make into a vibration you can feel.  Clip it to your strap, connect it to your bass, feel what you play.  Plug your headphones into the BackBeat for a complete auditory and tactile immersion experience.  BackBeat allows you to play with confidence by providing instant feedback directly to your body.


Ergo Straps

Ergostraps is a company dedicated to make musicians comfortable! Handcrafted leather straps made with the finest quality materials and by leather craftsmen with years of experience. Designs for you to have your own style on stage and forget the weight of your instrument.

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Nordstrand Audio


Skjold Designs

Skjold Design Guitars was established in 2003. Since then Pete Skjold (pronounced Shold) has been building premium high end basses for demanding players like David Dyson, Damian Erskine and many other professional players world wide. Skjold bass guitars can be heard on just about every genre of music. Each instrument is handmade to Pete’s highest standards. Being a professional bass player for over 30 years Pete has refined his craft with his experience to bring you basses that play, sound and feel the way only a truly handmade premium guitar from Skjold Design Guitars can. We invite you to experience Skjold for yourself and see what these amazing and unique basses have to offer.


Lathon Bass Wear

Lathon Bass Wear is a clothing line for Bass Players and anyone who just loves the Bass. This fine selection of clothing is stylish, comfortable, easy to care for and perfect for groovin’ to your favorite tunes. Let everyone know you’re a player in fashions by Lathon Bass Wear. We take great pride in our quality merchandise and excellent value.