2018 Vendors

Lathon Bass Wear

Lathon Bass Wear is a clothing line for Bass Players and anyone who just loves the Bass. This fine selection of clothing is stylish, comfortable, easy to care for and perfect for groovin’ to your favorite tunes. Let everyone know you’re a player in fashions by Lathon Bass Wear. We take great pride in our quality merchandise and excellent value.


Skjold Designs

Skjold Design Guitars was established in 2003. Since then Pete Skjold (pronounced Shold) has been building premium high end basses for demanding players like David Dyson, Damian Erskine and many other professional players world wide. Skjold bass guitars can be heard on just about every genre of music. Each instrument is handmade to Pete’s highest standards. Being a professional bass player for over 30 years Pete has refined his craft with his experience to bring you basses that play, sound and feel the way only a truly handmade premium guitar from Skjold Design Guitars can. We invite you to experience Skjold for yourself and see what these amazing and unique basses have to offer.


Bass Extracts

It is the goal of Bass Extracts l.l.c. to “Extract” the finest hand-made Basses, Amplification systems and Music Accessories. We are not focused on profit and bottom dollar, but rather to set up fellow musicians with the best possible tools to help express themselves. Everything that we stock or sell is used by the owners or fellow working musicians on stage, at home or in the studio.


Marco Bass Guitars

Marco instruments are truly works of art. Each Marco bass is unique and is born from a selection of top-quality woods, which in turn inspire Marco to combine them in ways that can only be considered as art, and is then endowed with state-of-the-art components specially tailored by Marco for the instrument that is being built and for the player that will enjoy it. The result of this human-intensive process is instruments that achieve optimal levels of both form and function. Marco’s creativity does not stop in the craftsmanship of the instrument wooden parts. A good luthier should be much more than a good carpenter. Marco is a good example is this because he has a profound knowledge of all components of an instrument and has developed innovations in most of them, such as the patented fretgroove technology or his famous hand-wound and individually-adjusted pickups. These innovations set his instruments apart from competitors that are mostly high-level woodworkers, and as such may do a nice job in building the wooden components, but then install standard off-the-shelf pickups in their instruments making them hard to distinguish when it comes to sound. The components (wood and otherwise) in each Marco Bass Guitars are designed, built and adjusted specifically for that instrument. To learn more about the technology behind these amazing instruments, please visit our site.


Skylis Guitars

Thank you for checking out Skylis Guitars, innovators of high quality ergonomic instruments.

Our intent is to create a radically simple instrument; one that fundamentally improves upon popular designs. We want to allow the player to use the most efficient playing technique and good posture. We strive to design instruments that are a natural extension of the player’s body, and yet still provide something familiar. Skylis Guitars are exceptionally lightweight—averaging less than 7.5lbs—with careful attention to proper distribution of weight. Whether seated or on a strap, Skylis Guitars will change your idea of comfort, playability, balance, and optimum resonance. We’ve also crafted an instrument that effectively translates the tone from the player’s technique in the least cluttered way possible. Skylis Guitars feature top quality Aguilar and K&K pickups, proprietary hardware and tuning systems, and incorporate the finest materials and craftsmanship. We’re proud that Skylis Guitars are 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in Santa Clarita, California, right here in America.

Do yourself a favor, and find out what playing the bass guitar should feel like. Rethink your instrument. We have.


Stonefield Musical Instrument Company

The Stonefield Musical Instrument Company brings together diverse elements of stringed instrument design that founder Tomm Stanley had puzzled over for years with the question of manufacturers and independent makers; ”why don’t they do this on a bass?” The Stonefield bass brings these elements together in what is no less than a ground-breaking new direction in the design, build and playability of the electric bass. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Stonefield Music couple the latest in CNC technology with the traditional skills of the luthier to create basses that are sound as good as they look. No matter what style of music you play, the Stonefield bass can be tailored to your sound.

Stonefield Musical Instrument Company

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2018/01/25 17:30:00
Bass Bash 15th Anniversary Show

The Phoenix Club
1340 S. Sanderson Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92806

Thursday, January 25th & Friday, January 26th
Doors: 5:30pm Show: 6:45pm – 11:45pm
Ticket prices TBD

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