This event couldn’t possibly be a success without the collaboration and contributions of so many different people and companies. I would like to take a moment to thank them here for their part in the 2016 Bass Bash!

Thank you, Dave Avenius and Justin Huth at Aguilar Amplification – this is my second year working on this venture together and although you have been working on the Bash quietly and humbly since it’s origins about 12 years ago, I’ve only been a part of this for a couple of years now and could not do this without your expertise, friendship and continued support.   Over the years, your professionalism never ceases to amaze me, as do the entire staff at your organization. It is always a great pleasure to collaborate on any project with you.

This year, I have to thank Dave Crocker of Tectonics Audio Labs who bravely stepped in and took it upon himself to find this fabulous new venue and become the big sponsor and supporter of the Bass Bash to make all of the artists, sponsors, vendors and audience have a more enjoyable experience.  He saw that this event had long since outgrown its prior location, and took the vision we all had about wanting a larger and more comfortable venue and turned it into a reality. Thank you, Dave and the Tectonics team – it couldn’t have happened without you!

Sound engineering will be provided by Jack Trifiro again this year,  one of the best sound guys I know in the industry who runs sound for Victor Wooten. I trust you above anyone else with the sound and production for this gig and any gig… Jack, you rock!

There will be fantastic press coverage by No Treble and Bass Player Magazine and Bass Gear Magazine.  It is an honor to have these publications present at the event. Thank you so much for supporting this great annual event!

To George Waterman, thank you so much for giving the Bass Bash website a facelift for 2016 and the original  Bass Bash logo.  You’ve been a great supporter over the years for web work and always there for me when I need it!

Photography will be provided by the ever talented Tara Ziemba.  Visit her page and check out some of her work. She’s an incredible photographer who showed up at the 2015 Bass Bash, snapped some photos and I’ve been following her photography ever since.  I’ve invited her to photograph the event and know that she won’t disappoint!

My personal assistants at the event will be my long time friends, Aaron Gomes (bassist) and his lovely wife Kayla Gomes (awesome mom), also one of my close friends Liz Greve (upright bassist) – who else could I have around that for many years could help me with so many projects big and small, from household construction to business organization then take a break to grab some instruments and play jazz?   They will be helping me sell raffle tickets, Bass Bash T-shirts, accepting donations for the Bass Bash at the door  and running errands before and after the event,  running around with me at NAMM, and generally assisting me with the fine details needed to help me breathe!

Assisting Jack Trifiro as volunteer stage hands will be Jason Farrar and Ross Kratter, both who I’ve met through my many years while working at Victor Wooten’s Bass Nature Camps in Only, TN.  If you see them running back and forth from the stage, give them room!  These guys are brave to take on this job for two nights – thanks so much for volunteering your time and services. It is greatly appreciated by the Bass Bash team!

If you see me at NAMM or at the Bass Bash, please come up and say hello.  I look forward to seeing you in January!

with gratitude,

Toné Compito Wellington
TCW Services


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