Aguilar Amplification

Aguilar Amplification is dedicated to using superior engineering processes to make great gear for bass players. By Designing and manufacturing heads, cabinets, preamps, pickups and effects pedals, we can contribute to many aspects of the sound of the Bass. At Aguilar, we approach every product that we manufacture with real world, musical understanding. Because we are a team of bass players and engineers, we start by visualizing gear from the musician’s perspective and then proceed with inspired engineering. We have a credo of “constant improvement”, that helps us move forward daily and create products that will contribute to your music. Aguilar amplifiers, cabinets and pedals can be found on concert stages and in recording studios around the world. Our preamps and new line of pickups are used in many of the world’s best basses. We’re proud to play a part in the sound of so many great bass players, and we look forward to being part of your sound!

Aguilar Amplification is pleased to participate in 2016 Bass Bash in support of Aguilar Artists, Gerald Veasley, Adam Nitti, Or Lubianiker, Steve Lawson, Oskar Cartaya and Bakithi Kumalo.

Tectonic Audio Labs is excited to provide their revolutionary PL11 sound system on the “Tectonic Concert Stage” for the 2016 Bass Bash.  For this year’s performances Tectonic will present the premier artistry of these amazing musicians in the clearest and purest form of audio available today.

The Tectonic Audio Labs sound system is famous for its wide coverage pattern, minimal room interaction, and superior clarity, all while confounding industry experts who repeatedly declare “There’s no way it will work!”  By employing its proprietary resonant mode technology Tectonic Audio Labs is able to bring concert level audio to every seat in a venue, all while presenting a clear and unmistakable stereo image to the entire house. 

The Tectonic experience is unlike any other in professional audio and will be sure to please as the premier bass artists in the industry put it to the test.

Tectonic Audio Labs is pleased to participate in support of the 2016 Bass Bash as the main sponsor funding the “Tectonic Concert Stage” at the M3 Live Events Center, 2232 S. Harbor Blvd, in Anaheim.

Fodera Guitars

Since 1983 Fodera Guitars has been one of the most sought after custom bass guitar brands in the world. Fodera’s Standard and Custom Lines of hand-built instruments are known for their exceptional tone, playability and pro-player reliability.

Over the years Fodera has deliberately stayed small and local. Every Fodera is hand-crafted in its Brooklyn, NY shop by skilled artisans dedicated to one thing only – building the finest electrical stringed instruments possible – instruments that perfectly blend form and function in a way that makes them impossible to put down.  Fodera Guitars is pleased to participate in Bass Bash 2016 in support of Fodera endorsee Bobby Vega.

Kala Brand, U-Bass

The award winning U-BASS from Kala Brand Music celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2015. Since its introduction it has been a phenomenon is the world of bass instruments and is played by many of the world’s top bassists including Bakithi Kumalo, Abraham Laboriel, Steve Bailey, Tal Wilkenfeld and Nathan East. With over 30 models, the U-BASS is available in acoustic-electric and solid body models, 4 and 5 string fretted and fretless, and USA made as well as an imported series. The U-BASS has been recognized as an important development in the bass world and has been presented in special clinics at Berklee College, Musician’s Institute, and L.A. Music Academy. Kala is pleased to participate in Bass Bash 2015 in support of U-BASS endorsees Bakithi Kumalo and Oskar Cartaya.

Kala Brand Music Co.
P.O. Box 751149
Petaluma, CA 94954
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Sadowsky Guitars

Sadowsky Guitars

Sadowsky Guitars has been committed to the working bassist since 1979.     Our basses are known world wide for their sound, feel, aesthetics and performance under real world conditions.  Loved by players, engineers and front of house sound technicians, they are a true “plug and play” professional instrument.   In addition to our basses, Sadowsky is also known for their accessories, including the Sadowsky Preamp/DI Pedal, Onboard Bass Preamp System, Sadowsky Strings, Straps, Polishes, etc.    We are honored to be considered one of the premier bass companies in the world.  We are very pleased to support Sadowsky endorser Oskar Cartaya with his appearance at the 2016 Bass Bash!

Mayones Guitars & Basses

Handmade In Poland Since 1982

Mayones instruments find their origin in the very same place music starts – the heart. Their essence stems from passion of the talented musicians we work with and the devotion of our experienced luthiers. Our guitars and basses are the result of the perfect blend of over 30 years of tradition, modern technology we use and affection at every stage of the building process.

Every guitar and bass follow the same production routine: take the skills and the experience of our luthiers, implement strict quality standards at every step of production and add the elusive touch of our love to guitars. The result is always the same – a top notch instrument with soul and built-in inspiration.

We are very pleased to support Mayones endorsing artists Oskar Cartaya, Or Lubianiker, Alissia Benveniste and Hadrien Feraud with their appearance at the 2016 Bass Bash!


NS Design Instruments

NS Design Instruments

Founded by Ned Steinberger, NS Design instruments are celebrated by artists worldwide for their extraordinary blend of performance, comfort, ergonomics and visual appeal. For the bassist, highlights in the NS line-up include a range of NS Electric Upright Basses, Omni Basses, and now the RADIUS Bass Guitars.

NS Design instruments is pleased to participate in Bass Bash 2015 in support of NS Design endorsee Bakithi Kumalo.

DR Handmade Strings

DR Handmade Strings is pleased to participate in Bass Bash 2016 in support of DR endorsee Divinity Roxx.

Modulus Graphite

Located in the heart of the thriving San Francisco Bay Area music scene, Modulus Graphite began building exceptional handmade instruments in 1978. Our specialty is utilizing innovative materials to better serve the needs of the serious player. Modulus pioneered the use of graphite in the construction of guitar and bass necks. We were also the first to combine structural graphite with non-structural tone woods in our Genesis guitars and basses.  Innovation is meaningless if it doesn’t result in increased playability, sonic integrity and visual beauty. Modulus is dedicated to building instruments that showcase all of these features. Music is the reason we are here.

Modulus Graphite is proud to participate in Bass Bash 2016 in support of Modulus artist Steve Lawson.

Sakae Drums

Sakae Rhythm – The Art of Sound Creation

Sakae Rhythm is a high quality drum manufacturer located in Osaka Japan. Since 1925, Sakae Rhythm has devoted their passion and craftsmanship to creating the best drums and percussion instruments in the world. In 2009, Sakae Rhythm launched their original brand, “Sakae Drums”.

Sakae Drums  is pleased to participate in Bass Bash 2015 in support of  Sakae endorsee Marcus Finnie, drummer performing with this year’s Bass Bash Artist Adam Nitti.

Audix Microphones

Audix Microphones is proud to support Bass Bash by providing microphones for the 2016 Bass Bash event.

Nord Keyboards

Nord Keyboards for Bass Bash are being provided by American Music and Sound

Roland USA

Roland keyboards provided by Roland USA